ROLLSROLLER ENTRY is our entry model of Flatbed Applicator. Delivered flat packed for access to almost any sign shop environment. Fast setup and low investment cost gives you access to the ROLLSROLLER flatbed production method today.

This is Included

ROLLSROLLER Entry Flatbed Applicator; Pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates up to 60 mm (2 2/5in); Flatbed worktable with a uniquely designed self-healing cutting mat; Roll holder on glide beam for pre-masking tape and laminate; Roll holder on bed end for printed or cut film; Stop static kit (cord and magnet) to remove static electricity; Casters (with machine mount/brake) ; Owner’s manual.

Application Areas

  • Mounting to substrate
  • Lamination
  • Pre-masking
  • Work table with cutting mat
Model TypeEntry
Bed length3 400 mm / 11ft. 2in.
Bed width1 700 mm / 5ft. 7in.
Length of working area3 100 mm / 10ft. 2in.
Width of working area/roller width1 630 mm / 64in.
Work height flatbed875 mm / 2ft. 10in.
Max. thickness of substrate60 mm / 2 2/5in.
Bed surfaceAlu + Cutting mat
Roll holder on glide beamYes
Roll holder on one short sideYes
Stop static kit (cord and magnet)Yes