ROLLSROLLER REGULAR is our standard model of Flatbed Applicator. It has a wide range of options available. Pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates up to 60 mm (2 2/5in).

This is Included

ROLLSROLLER Regular Flatbed Applicator; Pneumatically controlled roller which is automatically adjusted for substrates up to 60 mm (2 2/5in); Flatbed worktable with a uniquely designed self-healing cutting mat; Roll holder on glide beam for pre-masking tape and laminate; Roll holder on bed end for printed or cut film; Stop static kit (cord and magnet) to remove static electricity; Casters (lockable); Owner’s manual.

Application Areas

  • Mounting to substrate
  • Lamination
  • Pre-masking
  • Work table with cutting mat
  • Light table
Model TypeRegular
Bed length2 800 mm / 9ft. 2in.
Bed width1 450 mm / 4ft. 9in.
Length of working area2 500 mm / 8ft. 3in.
Width of working area/roller width1 400 mm / 55in.
Work height flatbed875 mm / 2ft. 10in.
Max. thickness of substrate60 mm / 2 2/5in.
Bed surfaceGlass* + Cutting mat
Light table (LED)Yes
Roll holder on glide beamYes
Roll holder on one short sideYes
Storage traysYes
Stop static kit (cord and magnet)Yes