AD5050A High Resin – FAR Foil

Specifically designed for unparalleled versatility and dependability. Specially formulated for Arrow Systems’ Fabritag FAR material as well as for polypropylene & polyester materials. For use in the most challenging environments and applications from textiles and pharmaceutical labeling to chemical drum and heat shrink wrap labeling. Withstands washing, dry cleaning, ironing and autoclaving. Provides halogen-type solvent resistance.

AD5010A Fabritag – FAR Material

Arrow System’s highly durable, heat resistant fabritag material is ideal for a wide array of uses from clothing and seatbelt tags to high stress environment tags. Specially formulated for High Resin FAR Foil for unmatched strength and longevity.Withstands washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. The ideal material for demanding industrial applications.