Why Digital Label Printing Matters

Why Digital Label Printing Matters Labels, particularly those made with custom label printing, have come a long way in the last couple of decades. From the letterpress to flexography and now digital printing technology, label printing equipment has undergone significant improvements … Continued

Why Printing Labels In-House Is Better Than Outsourcing

Why Printing Labels In-House Is Better Than Outsourcing Advanced print technology has introduced the possibility of producing large quantities of high-quality printed material in your own office. Yet you might still be confused about how best to deal with your … Continued

Lemorau Jumbo Roll Slitter

Matosinhos, Portugal – Lemorau hosted their second live webinar showcasing their Jumbo Roll Slitter, the LCR1000. The LCR1000 is designed for slitting and rewinding label substrates from a master roll 1000mm (39.3″) or 1500mm (59″) wide. It features speeds up to … Continued

Energy Efficiency in Label Printing Operations

Energy Efficiency in Printing Operations Energy efficiency is a very broad and reliable type of sustainability initiative. Meaning, both large and small changes, alike, can produce significant results for all three pillars in the triple bottom line– people, planet, profit. … Continued

Lemorau MEBR+ Label Finishers Live Stream

Matosinhos, Portugal – Lemorau hosted their first ever live webinar showcasing the MEBR+ line of die-cutting equipment. In the premier webinar, Pedro and Susana of Lemorau showcased some specialty features of the modular analog finishing system.  Some of the features … Continued

Top Five Digital Label Printers of 2020

Digital Labeling is the perfect balance of creative freedom and quality. The low cost of production ensures your company can adjust your label printing as your company develops. Below are a few of the top label printers on the market … Continued