Food Packaging Trends that are Revolutionizing the Industry

Food Packaging Trends that are Revolutionizing the Industry

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In the food industry – the packaging of your product is almost as important as the contents of the package itself. Apart from catching the eye of the customer – the right food packaging can extend the shelf life of a product or it can make your product ready for transportation.

But with that being said, even if you have the most durable and attractive packaging, there’s no telling when your customers will get bored of your food packaging and move on to a competitors product that catches their eye. Understanding the trends of consumer buying habits, and what that means for your food labels, will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and keep the customer coming back for your product again and again. By owning an digital label printer, you can stay on top of every developing trend since you have control over the entire printing process.

Great food packaging attracts the customer by telling a story. But in today’s market – when products hit shelves every day – standing out can be tough. Having the ability to adapt your packaging or labels materials to attract their attention could be the difference between them choosing your product or a competitors.

Let’s go through some of the hottest trends that are revolutionizing are the food packaging industry in 2020.

1.    Detailed Packaging

According to the experts – the upcoming years will see a global slowdown in sales worldwide. The pandemic has left people jobless. Because of this reason, luxury products and extravagant pricing will take a severe hit, but there will still be an unfulfilled demand for the extra-ordinary.

Because of this reason, customers who seek a feeling of opulence in their products will be generally attracted to maximalism. Think of richer colors, shiny labels, and packaging that gives a lot more information about the product.

If your product is a health related items, showing the total fat or saturated fat contained in the item can help. Other ways to showcase the benefits are to showcase the percent daily value of vitamins, proteins, or dietary fiber on the front of the packaging instead of under the nutrient list. Having these items listed on the label rather than hidden away in the ingredient list will allow your customers to choose foods that fit their lifestyles easier than having them on the back.

All of these will help drive customers who are looking for healthier options to choose your product over others at a glance.

2.    Environmentally Friendly Packaging

There are no two opinions about the fact that the global climate crisis is a much more relevant conversation now. The absence of humans from daily life has shown people exactly how we impact the planet we live in and how many of our habits require a change. With the passage of time, an increasing number of people are starting to change their lifestyles for the better.

Because of this reason, environmentally conscious packaging will make a huge impact on your customer’s mindset, too. Brands that use eco-friendly material while packaging their products will see a surge in sales sooner rather than later.

Water-soluble films are being developed for flexible packaging that will allow your products packaging to be easily composted as opposed to plastics that can last forever.

3.    See-Through Packaging

Contents being seen right through the packaging has always been relevant in the beauty sector, and in 2020 you might see the same trend impact the food packaging sector. A transparent design gives companies the option to add a lot more texture to their packaging. And when you print your label on a colorless package with the help of an industrial label printer – it makes your branding pop.

Not only does this promise better brand identification – but it also helps you stand out!

4.    Portability

By introducing portability into your packaging – not only are you ensuring that your brand stands out – but you are also appealing to a different kind of market segment altogether. If a customer buys French fries and a drink from a restaurant that is not portable – they might not consider buying them at all.

Not every customer has the time to sit and eat – think of the various college students who get up late in the morning and rush to class while having breakfast. Portability includes this segment into your target market and expands your reach.

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