ANY-002 Roll-to-Roll Laser Printer

The Anytron ANY-002 is the premier GHS certified, digital color label printer for small batch printing. Utilizing a 600 x 1200dpi high-resolution color laser engine, it supports precision printing using a toner-based system. With the ability to print on continuous roll material as well as pre-die-cut label stock, the Any-002 is the perfect addition to any printing operation. The low-temperature fuser allows for delicate media use for special material applications without coated media and the guillotine cutter automatically cuts the media once a job is finished to save time and money.

The Anytron Any-002 can be used to create high-quality promotional labels as well as GHS compliant drum and bottle labels. It’s also perfect for any type of consumer-based labels, such as food labels, cannabis labels, e-juice labels, and much more! Print on precut roll labels or print and cut using an offline finisher.

ANY-002 Laser Printer – ANY-002 – ANY002 – Anytron ANY-002 Roll-to-Roll Laser Printer

ANY-002 Laser Printer Details

Do you have the need for

Label conversion?

Problems label converters face:

  • Difficulties in short run and fast lead time
  • Variable data processing
  • Need for skilled operators
  • Factory space
  • Working environment: new people are not hired
  • New digitaltechnology: difficulty in adopting to new technology
  • Color management
  • Lower profits / stiff competition

What problems do you have in
analog printing?

9 problems of analog label printing

  • Difficulties in short run and fast lead time
  • Set up time too long / a lot of waste loss
  • Pre-press is always needed
  • Mold for die-cutting (time & cost)
  • Difficulty in color management
  • Quality is operator-dependent
  • Factory space is needed
  • Dirty working environments
  • Too difficult to run variable data processing

Arrow’s advantages

  • Manufacture small quantity, various labels less than 5,000 units within 2 hours
  • Reliable products can be manufactured because it is convenient to maintain the same quality and manage color with software
  • Reduction in man-hours by saving unnecessary prepress and set up time
  • Active marketing is possible because it is easy to manufacture samples of labels
  • Production cost can be saved because variable data works (bar code, QR code, numbering, date of production etc.) can be processed at the same time
  • Productivity can be maximized because several projects can be done easily even in one day
  • Reduction in rental cost and improvement of worker’s efficiency are possible because work can be done in an office environment, not in factory environment
  • Additional operator is not necessary. Total cost can be reduced because label designers can use it personally

Customer service for the Arrow

  • Immediate service
  • Total solution: machine, consumables, service, training
  • Fast upgrade every 6 month
  • Regular training is provided
  • Customization by special request
  • Continuous support for customer’s success
  • Business consulting for label printing market


Anytron ANY-002 – Arrow Anytron ANY 002 – Anytron Roll-to-Roll Laser Printer

Roll-to-Roll Toner Printer
  • Can print 2,500 color labels/hour
  • User Friendly, no need for professional technicians
  • Plug & Play design
  • Guillotine cutting unit
  • Convenient desktop label printing
  • Gap Sensor for pre-cut label rolls
  • Advanced ANYTRON software
  • Supports variable data applications
  • Supports highly delicate materials
  • High-quality labels for low consumable costs.
  • Supports in-sync re-winder
  • Variable fuser heat settings
  • Print up to 30 ft/minute
General Information
Software Solutions
Software:Compose Rip S/W, Wasatch Rip S/W, Windows driver
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage:220~240 VAC
Rated Frequency:50~60Hz
Power Consumption:Max: 1,300 W
Average Power:600W
Printing Function
Print Speed:9m per minute (30feet/minute)
Interface and Software
Connectivity:High-speed USB, TCP/IP