CMYK + White Toner Label Printer

The QL-300 is the world’s first 5-color toner-based tabletop label printer from QuickLabel that enables brand owners to create high-quality labels with the utmost durability, ensure a competitive cost of ownership, and set their brand apart with vibrant, impactful product labels. Print on pre-cut roll labels, or print and cut using a finishing system with ease!

Producing labels with a level of durability unachievable by other printing technologies, the QL-300 delivers labels with the utmost
permanence, water-fastness and UV resistance. Capable of printing any quantity, from a single label to runs of several thousand, the QL-300 is a production-grade system constructed to consistently generate high impact labels. Intended for use in any work space, the QL-300 was designed as a user friendly tabletop solution, making it easier than ever to achieve the look of commercially printed labels in-house.

Product Dimensions
Printing Function