Trojan T2C Full Color Digital Label Printer

The Trojan T2-C is the fastest way to print your labels in-house. The T2C features high quality printing (1600 x 1600 dpi), easy to use software, 2L ink tanks for reduced ink pricing, and the smallest footprint for a printer of its capacity on the market!

Print thousands of labels per hour, either on pre-cut label stock or continuously to be die-cut after. The Trojan T2-C allows users to utilize a pre-cut label sensor to print up to 4 labels across the media with next to no waste.


The Trojan T2-C is a true plug and play system that allows owners to digitally print their labels on demand. No more MOQ’s or wrong colors! With the T2-C production is fully in your control!

A true tabletop system that gives full control of your label printing. Join thousands of business owners in saving time and money by bringing your label printing in-house. The T2-C is the perfect option, either as a standalone printer, or paired with one of our many digital finishers. Print on pre-cut roll labels, or print and cut using a finishing system with ease!