Versatile graphics finishing

Gerber M Series flatbed cutters are a powerful and versatile solution for automatic print-to-cut finishing of a wide spectrum of graphic outputs. From routing aluminum composites, cutting inkjet-printed corrugated plastics and foamboard, to contour cutting and creasing digital offset graphics, the Gerber M Series can handle all your finishing needs accurately and 100% digitally, expanding customer offerings while maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your business.

  • Robust table construction and oversized X-Y drive system
    Outstanding accuracy and operational reliability over the long-run
  • T3 modular cutting head with automatic tool recognition
    Plug-and-play management of available tool options, for quicker tool changes
  • Cutting/Routing modular tool inserts
    Ability to finish a broad variety of flexible and rigid graphic substrates
  • M-Vision optical registration system
    Automatic compensation for material and print distortion, ensuring accurate cutting every time
  • Windows-based user interface
    Easy-to-use controls; short training time. Operators set up production jobs quickly and accurately using the intuitive menu controls
  • Light-beam security system
    Safe machine operation and unobstructed table access for material unload and removal of cut parts
  • High tool force
    Reliable precision-cutting of even the most demanding rigid materials
  • Multi-size platforms
    Accommodates all sizes of individual sign shops
Cutting Function
Cutting Speed:30”/sec. (860 mm/sec.)
Table Size:103” x 148” (2620mm x 3760mm)
Active Cutting Area:75” x 120” (1900mm x 3000mm)
Acceleration:0.5 G
Tool Force:80 lbs. (356 N)
Spindle:1 Kw, 1.4 HP, Liquid Cooled
Spindle Rpm:6,000 - 50,000 RPM
Position Accuracy:0.003”/ft of travel (0.25 mm/m of travel)
Standar Vacuum:10 HP; zoned system
Cutting Underlay:Several types available including: High Friction PVC, Texon and Felt
Standard Modular Tools:Pneumatic Oscillating Knife
Pneumatic Router
Vinyl Spring knife
60 Degree Sward Knife
Creasing Wheel